Partner with Your Dark Side

This online experience will bring joy and challenge as participants embrace and learn to partner with their ego and shadow. Yogiraj's signature workshop, founded on his popular book Pigs Eat Wolves; Going into partnership with your dark side, is brought to you by 10th Dot.

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This Online Training Includes

36 Segments

Thirty-six segments are immediately available upon purchase. These are available for 90 days from the purchase date. Segments consist of video lessons, handouts, practical exercises, journal questions, and personal guidance. The training delivery is interactive and upbeat.

Downloadable Files

Most materials, guides and exercises are available for download. The exceptions are materials we use with permission, but are copyrighted by our colleagues. 

Personal Coaching

Schedule a one-to-one, 50-minute conversation with the instructor, Vonda Vaden Bates, before, during, or after the course.

Pigs Eat Wolves Discussion Group

Book a date for your group.

Book Club Format

Anyone who is actively registered for this training, has taken a previous PEW training, or has read/is reading the book Pigs Eat Wolves is invited to join this discussion group. This is a book club format held on Zoom. Registration is required.


Group discussion participants agree to a few confidentiality protocols to encourage everyone to stretch beyond typical comfort zones. A copy of the agreements can be found on the check out page


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