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A three part online conversation for people who have experienced or witnessed harm while giving, receiving and/or supporting health care. Whether you realize it or not, this may be meant for you or a loved one.


Our newest program has been added to the 2020 roster. Registration is open for Pigs Eat Wolves ONLINE COURSE

While practicing the tools taught in Pigs Eat Wolves you will take note of your personal influencing strategies, identify what's working to accomplish your ultimate objectives, address what is not helping, and develop a strategy to gain and sustain trust in the relationships that are critical for your success.

Sponsoring the World Patient Safety, Science and Technology Summit

10th Dot is a proud sponsor of the World Patient Safety, Science and Technology Summit. The 8th Annual Summit is sponsored by the Patient Safety Movement Foundation, a non-profit planning for ZERO avoidable harm in health care. 


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